Journal: Scrapbook Of Good

More than a whole year ago now, I started a new journal in a little red moleskine with the aim of making a 'scrapbook of good'. A journal which could be a memento and a reminder of everything nice that I appreciate. Some journals I finish quickly, while others hang around unfinished for a long time, and for this one it's the latter. If there's any specific theme or focus it tends to take me a lot longer, but that's okay, since it's a process of collecting things that will truly make me as happy as possible to look back on. It's not just a normal journal, even though it doesn't look too different from others.

It's not a neat journal either, as curated as it is in comparison with other, more experimental journals. Still, there has to be some experimentation here too. It's still a journal, so I still have to play around. If I took it too seriously it would never get finished.

One particular spread I liked was this one featuring two different mountains. Mountains have become a symbol of peace and of having your own space to me. I'm not sure why, but I find them very soothing. The text says "my mountain" and "your mountain", and the second mountain is saying it's sleepy.

After the first bunch of pages it turns into a photo album for a while. One thing I really love about photo albums or scrapbooks is the ability to embellish things. I love decorating pictures like this and making them all snazzy and cute. Somehow photos become more personalised this way, like I'm floating around inside them in pink paint blob form. It's the best.

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