Diary: Warm Socks & Chicken Watching

As the cold has crept further into our hearts, I've been happily watching dramas, reading spooky books, and being filled with a feverish creative spirit (it's not gin this time).

I have retrieved my hat and gloves from their hiding places and I am currently enjoying the use of some of my fuzziest socks. I think part of why I like the colder parts of the year is because it sort of encourages you to look after yourself. To have some hot drinks and make sure you stay warm. It's a nice opportunity to be mindful of taking care of yourself, and of course, it's the time of year for only the most comfortable clothes. I like to become a big, fuzzy lump of warmth.

The main things I have enjoyed this week have been making collages and sitting down with a mysterious (and very friendly) neighbourhood cat to watch Elliot's chickens run around. Nothing could be better.

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