Diary: Nourished

I feel like my mood and the general feeling inside my head has been quite different lately, in a good way. I feel quite easily excited and calmed recently, and it's nice. I've been catching up on some new music, and making sure I nourish myself a bit more, and trying to direct myself towards good things.

Music is such an amazing thing. I have to remember to keep certain playlists and albums ready for when I need them, because some songs and artists are perfect for particular kinds of days. It never stops surprising me how much a song can lift me into a completely different frame of mind.

I also need to remember that having new artistic goals and projects is really good for me, and I should keep trying to be proactive about changing what I'm focusing on creatively every once in a while. Making playlists, making different kinds of videos, wearing different outfits, being in different places - all of these things make me feel more invigorated.

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