Diary: Apple Turnover (Beautiful Things)

This week I have been watching loads of journal flip through videos on YouTube, as well as some cute anime, and it's been really fun. Watching people show you their journals and explain all the things in them is so fascinating and inspiring and makes me want to immediately do one thousand paintings and cut out pictures of eyes from magazines to make terrifying eye collages and so on.

I also apparently documented an apple turnover. Only the most important and beautiful things make it into my diary.

Right now there are a lot of leaves all over the ground, and I always like when that's how it is. Why is it so satisfying to step on all the leaves? It's a great and enjoyable time.

I started watching some pleasant anime - Yuri!!! on Ice and Hibike! Euphonium. I like the animation style in both a lot and they're somehow very soothing shows. The beauty of their style just makes me feel happy. It's like looking at all the leaves and the swaying branches and the sky. I guess that's one thing that's great about anime - so often it captures the unique wonder of natural scenery so well.

Gotta journal a lot of things in response to these nice inputs and inspirations! I love seeing other people's creativity and expression so much. And of course, the biggest inspiration of all, an apple turnover.


  1. I really like this, I wish I could make my journal look as fun and alive as yours but mine is simple filled of deep thoughts that I must write down before they get lost in my mind. Beautiful blog! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure yours is also special in its own way.


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