Colourful Zayn

Here are some Zayns. Look at them. They are so majestic, so colourful, so beautiful. Clearly the ES Magazine dated 4.11.16 gave me a lot of material and inspiration, since I have already made collages from this very magazine. I thought I would embellish some pictures from the generous Zayn interview contained within its pages.

This is such a fun thing to do because you're almost not doing anything, just painting some squiggles and blobs, just adding a little strangeness to an already existing thing. It still feels expressive and fun, but then I'm a person who once painted over Coronation Street characters to make them look like gloopy aliens, so how I get my enjoyment in life is questionable.

Anyway, may alien Zayn stare into your soul and change your life forever.

Here's my paint palette too:


  1. Ooh zayn is so beautiful and so are these paintings!

    Also, painting coronation street characters into aliens does sound pretty fun and interesting to me!

    1. Thank you! Well then, thanks for your encouragement. I need to go paint Norris' noodly Martian appendages now.


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