A Tribute To The Dogs In Yuri!!! On Ice

So I started watching hot anime of the moment Yuri!!! on Ice, and I was quickly sucked in, not by the glamour of ice skating, the unabashed confidence and charm of celebrated skater Victor, or the lovable and unsure protagonist, but by the dogs.

Look at these precious, sweet, angelic poodles.

I am now fully invested in all dog-related narratives in this anime. Ice skating? What's that? Sorry, I was busy thinking about this dog. Are there other things happening? Okay, but really, the dog.

Never did I think that one day I would be entranced by an animated dog tissue box (dog merchandise is apparently also an important feature in Yuri!!! on Ice), but here we are in 2016, and the endless creative joys are upon us. Please pass me the dog so I may weep into it profusely. Thanks.


  1. The dog is cute, but I assume that I watch the anime because of the skating and the other characters xD

    1. Clearly there are many things to love about Yuri on Ice ;^)


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