5 Cutest & Best Korean Illustrated Characters

If you already know me, you might know that I love Sanrio, and in particular the beret-wearing dog, Pompompurin, and the sweet pastel bunny, Cinnamoroll. I am pretty familiar by now with many of these Japanese characters and mascots (Sanrio or not), but their Korean counterparts are a little bit newer to me. So let me take you on a fascinating journey to meet some of the greatest illustrated Korean friends from apps, stationery, and other things.

1. Heeda 

Image source here.

I'm not sure if 'Heeda' is meant to be the girl's name or not, but I love this character (seemingly usually found on stickers) so much. Her rosy cheeks and pigtails are so cute, and I love all the outfits and activities going on. These stickers are made by sticker company Pony Brown.

2. Kakaotalk's Apeach

Image source here.

Kakaotalk is South Korea's most popular instant messaging app and it comes with a bunch of unique emoticon characters, including this wonderful peach butt pal.

Truly beautiful.

3. Molang

Image source here.

I had to mention Molang. A simple and adorable chubby bunny who mostly adorns notebooks and planners. I have a soft spot for bunnies, and Molang is the cuddliest bunny of all!

4. Pucca

The Pucca & Garu motorbike sculpture at Pucca Design Store in Lotte World Mall, Seoul.

Pucca was around quite a lot in the UK some years ago and she captured my heart with her cute buns and mischievous and grumpy personality. To me, Pucca has such a unique sense of character to her and she feels like a very real person somehow. Maybe I just relate to her too much, but I don't know, she's great.

5. Momoi

Image source here.

Momoi is a cute girl doing cute things in a series of diary stickers made for everyday use, so they show her doing lots of mundane things. I really like characters with pigtails, I guess!


So these are some of my favourite sweet little characters so far, but I know there are plenty more out there and I look forward to getting to know as many of them as possible in the future!


  1. Ooh, I love Molang and have seen Pucca around but haven't heard of the others! Apeach looks pretty interesting and cool and also 10/10 on the creepy cute scale!

    1. Yes! I can't resist a creepy peach butt.

  2. Is pucca design store in Lotte World Mall still open?


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