I have made some spooky grey scans. I like the vaguely alien feel from some of these. Maybe I've been watching the opening titles of The X-Files too much, but I love all that spooky, wobbly stuff. Mostly because I am probably a bit of a spooky and wobbly person so it resonates with me as a big human jelly sitting in the dark and eating a biscuit in a sinister fashion (that's usually what I'm doing).

I've always really enjoyed stories that involve shapeshifting too, so maybe this is my way of living out my secret shapeshifting ambitions. I think the main thing I'd do is shapeshift into various cute animal forms, but also there'd be some brilliant comedy opportunities like shapeshifting into the form of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, or the form of a sausage roll.

Sometimes it's disappointing that the laws of nature don't support all of my dreams and ambitions, but at least I can make weird, stretchy images of myself. It's some consolation.

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