When I was scanning these paintings I picked up the journal I use for my paint palettes and the cover ripped off, so now you can rest assured I have that satisfyingly scruffy artist thing going on. That reminds me, actually, of the pair of trousers that I spilled a small blob of yellow paint on some years ago. I didn't notice until the paint was fully fused with the fabric, so I had to just accept that there was a bit of yellow on there forevermore. Truly a harrowing life experience.

Here are a few pages of simple, happy friends. Green, yellow, pink, and red seem to work nicely together. Green and pink has a nice gentle touch, red and yellow his a bright and energetic feel, and green and red simply compliment each other. Playful rivals.

And here's my colour palette where they all mingled, the deep reds and dark purples in the depths:

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