Making A Pixel Cat

I made this pixel cat animation, inspired by the colours in one of Kayla Hadlington's Instagram pictures, and I love this one so much! I'm really glad I experimented a little with these colours, because they give it so much character. Colour can go such a long way in pixel art, especially with the simple outlines I like to use.

Here are all of the individual frames, and the original 32x32 animation (with added transparency):

And here are some of the frames upscaled to 400x400 px so you can see how the ear moves and how the stars and hearts dissolve:

Finally, here is the picture I drew inspiration from and all the colours I picked out from it using the eyedropper, alongside some final colour choices and my initial cat drawing:

Once again I'm very pleased to be making more pixel art! ☆゚.*・。゚

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