Making A Pixel Bunny

It's been a while since I made any pixel art, and I've really missed it, so I thought I would try making something new and documenting the process a bit. I always feel like I should post each piece of the process somewhere because it's lengthy enough that it makes me want to clutch each frame of the animation to my chest and never put it down.

Here are my six individual 32x32 frames and the final animation with transparency added:

And here are the frames upscaled to 400x400 px (I used the 'nearest neighbour' option in's image menu to do this without adding any outline softening/blur):

When I first approached pixel art I was kinda paralysed by this apparent need for everything to be clean and neat and exact, and it made me feel really scared to make any pixels because I felt like I would embarrass myself. I'm glad to have realised that just because you're working with squares in a medium that does rely on some attention to detail and precision, that doesn't mean you can't play around and break some of the visual rules. So this bunny is very simple and a bit wobbly, but I'm very happy with it. /(・ × ・)\

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