Magical Me

Here are some weird collages! From the NME and Evening Standard magazine. I've discovered that I really love putting the word "no" on things. There's something comical about it, but also it expresses so many slightly different things, potentially. It's a powerful and important word. As the antithesis to culturally popular notions of saying yes more, or saying yes to everything (in a bid to be more adventurous, successful, fun, cool, carefree, etc), maybe just feel fine and good about saying no/nah/nope. I'm also a strong fan of the "maybe", but that's for another time.

I think that I respect two letter words as well. They're special and small and tough. Much like hedgehogs.

I suppose I like to make collages that make me feel vaguely uneasy and adventurous. It's a weird thing that collages can do to the senses. Mind you, they might just be boring, unemotional collages to other people. There's usually some kind of musty sentiment in there for me, but I like to keep it vague and choppy. Forget those art gallery cards that explain things in almost nauseating (but possibly nonsensical) detail. Vagueness is its own kind of magic. It's not like our hormones speak in English.

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