Diary: Fromage

Here is the return of my diary. This spans all of my recent trip to Paris, but I've also decided that I'm changing the schedule a bit for my diary posts - they won't be every Wednesday any more, nor every week necessarily, and they'll also be posted with more of a delay. Previously, I would always scan the pages from the previous week every Tuesday and write the post up for posting on Wednesday, so my diary posts have been the only posts not scheduled further in advance. Essentially, I'll just be posting my diary entries with similar scheduling to all my other posts from now on, and not keeping to a strict every-week-on-this-day schedule.

This might mean each diary post is a bit bigger and longer than previously, but I'm not too sure. The main thing it means is that I can be more flexible and won't have to do any short notice blogging. This is really useful for if I'm going away somewhere or just if I'm forgetful. It just makes more sense now, I think.

Anyway, I should probably talk about my actual week (or two). The past month or so has been essentially a nervous wait for going to France. It has been mostly spent thinking about all the cheese that was going to be eaten during that time. I have no regrets. Cheese needs consideration.

Most of the holiday itself was spent walking around museums and being in a consistent state of leg and foot fatigue. Also going to sleep quite early so that my legs could prepare themselves for further trials. Needless to say that now I'm back home I'm probably going to lie down solidly for at least two years.

Elliot and I became obsessed with buying sandwiches and pain au chocolat from Franprix. We love Franprix.

We went to Versailles on the sunniest day, which was very large and slightly musical, but our favourite places to visit were Musée de l'Armée and Musée de l'Orangerie. The latter had a really good exhibition on American art during the great depression, which included American Gothic, the painting by Grant Wood. It's the first time the painting has ever been shown in Europe. Pretty cool!

I have seen so many pieces of art now that I really want to try oil paints again and somehow become William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

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