Blue Mess

Here are some blue friends. I've been confining my paintings to one big journal for paintings and I'm having a good time! Painting lots of thoughtless, happy, wobbly things. It is my main focus in life, really, to be thoughtless and happy and wobbly. So that's good. An honourable goal, I'm sure you can agree.

It's funny how doing very wobbly arty things seems to help me be better at doing neat things too. Maybe in order to be steady you have to take the time and space to be messy and get all your mess out. That's probably applicable to a lot of things.

You have to be all messy to get to neat and you have to be all scared to get to nonchalant and you have to get all confused to be sure. Not all the time, because exceptions are real and important too, but a lot of the time.

Whatever, here's a cat.

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