10 Things I'm Thankful For

Sometimes in life we must cling on to the existence of anything that keeps us going and makes us feel positive, and for those times, I am preparing this list of good things that make me feel happy. Only some of them are food (they should have all been food).

1. Sandwiches

You can put anything in a sandwich. Put your regrets in a sandwich with some cheese and tomato and suddenly, mmmmmmm, delicious regrets. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that you can't actually eat regrets.

2. Synchronised dancing

Yes it makes me feel very jealous, but it also cheers me right up and gives me a sense of awe that will never leave my body. This is a major reason why I can sit and watch music videos for excessive periods of time. In my fantasies I am a majestic dancer with impressively fluid movements, instead of the wobbling rock that I actually am in any dancing situation (it's fine, I like rocks, I'd be a great rock).

3. Rocks

Speaking of rocks, actually, they're quite good and I think we should all appreciate them a bit more.

4. Learning

The vast wealth of information available to me across my lifetime is really cool, and definitely one of the best things about being a living being. I can read all about how caterpillars live their lives, or about evolutionary chains. It's cool.

5. Particular smells

I'm not sure what's better than the smell of fresh bread or a sprig of lavender. Love those smells.

6. Water

You can drink it, you can put it on your face, you can wash a fork with it - it's pretty great. I've always thought it was delicious (yes, even London water with all its dastardly mineral deposits). Also, droplets are cute.

7. My nose

I used to dislike my nose, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. It's quite alright, really.

8. Imagination and fantasy

You know when you go to bed and you imagine a vast fantasy world in which you are basically the same but everything is very nice and good all the time and everything goes your way and you are wearing a really good outfit and everyone likes you? Yeah? It's not just me that lives in a parallel world of perfection just before I go to sleep, right? Well, that is really, really enjoyable. I appreciate that a lot.

9. Cats

They pay me a lot of attention and it's awfully nice of them. I love to meet them and touch their heads.

10. Books

There are too many books, since I can't get anywhere near reading them all, but I am glad they are available to me for when my own personal fantasy worlds aren't quite right. Or for when I want to consume a lot of information about something. Non-fiction books are some of the best, actually.


  1. ahh this is so cute, i love this! it actually made me happy/thankful of most of the things you've mentioned. like 8 and 1 haha xo


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