Youth & Buzzfeed

This scanner update confirms that, as suspected, I still have a face. I just like to keep you posted on the face ownership situation. I had a lot of fun stretching it out via my scanner for these. It never gets old.

I've been writing some Buzzfeed community posts lately (you can read them here) and as a result I've become really into reading Buzzfeed articles for long periods of time and getting sucked into an endless loop of clicking, looking at sequences of cat pictures, clicking again and looking at photo sets of cute jewellery, and so on. It is endless. I have to stop myself and remember that there is a vast world beyond this place, and that I need to eat because I was too engrossed in a quiz called 'Can You Pick The Correct Vegetables?' to remember that I need sustenance (like, for example, actual offline vegetables).

I've also been thinking a bit about age and how my slightly shifting appearance and style tastes might impact various aspects of my life, alongside the perceptions thereof. My wisdom teeth are coming through. One of them is pretty much all the way out and another one is probably half of the way out. They're arriving. I now want my skirts to be longer and my clothes to be smarter and generally more 'mature' looking (although I think if you want to wear head to toe Batman merchandise for as long as you live then you should do that and enjoy your life). I feel like a comfortable adult who likes to wear grey jumpers, and that's exactly what I am, but I still have this air of youth floating around me that people can see, I think. It's like it means a lot to people but it's simultaneously meaningless. Whatever, I guess.

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