The Best Things

This is a list of all the best things that exist.

1. Water that I can drink a lot of from a tap whenever I want and demand at restaurants or pubs all the time.

Hydration is a gift. Also I can wash stuff with it. Useful.

2. Collecting fruit in video games.

I love picking an apple up from the ground.

3. This podcast episode with Bo Burnham.

Lots of good thoughts all swishing around my head like ribbons. Maybe I should listen to some more podcasts.

4. Really good food that you want to eat.

Everyone should feel good when they eat stuff. Every meal should be satisfying, if possible. Almost nothing is more pleasing than having a delicious meal. It makes your whole body feel warm and right and perfect.

5. Doing whatever.

We were born to do whatever. I love having a structure to work around, and I love having a (vague) routine, but it feels so good to just not think about it and do whatever as well. Gotta get that balance.

6. Going for walks as much as possible.

The air outside tastes good and gets into every part of my body and I need it, I think.

7. Scrolling through 5000 pictures of dogs and cats online.

Feed my soul with these images. A tree will grow inside me and its fruit will be cats and dogs and tiny cats and dogs will run out of my ears.


All of these things and so many more! Good things! Excellent things! Everywhere!


  1. what a happy lil' list-why is water from a tap so satisfying when its not from your home?? strange but, I need to walk too.

    1. I've always really appreciated water. I mean I know I do actually need it, but it feels so intensely vital every time I drink it. I always thought it was delicious too. Love it.


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