My To-Do List

I always love keeping and writing to-do lists and I find them such a great and fulfilling way to organise ideas and tasks, so I'm just going to write one in the form of a blog post (please don't judge the inner workings of my mind too harshly).

1. Watch some new anime

I pretty much perpetually have it in the back of my mind to go check out a new anime series, but I tend to have phases of hefty anime viewing followed by long periods of anime abstinence. This happens a lot with any kind of TV show or with movies, so I have to keep reminding myself to get back into things and to keep finding new things that I love.

2. Write in my diary

This is on my to-do list every day, yet I almost always leave it until the last minute and do it just before I go to bed. Still, I guess that makes sense if I'm going to be writing about my day.

3. Eat some good stuff

I'm one of those people who easily forgets to eat, or postpones eating because I'm engrossed in something (it's cat videos, obviously), so this is always a good thing to remind myself of. I actually find it helpful to write shopping lists for this, because that way I visualise specific foods and it makes me want all of them immediately.

4. Finish my book

I'm always trying to finish a book. Why am I not reading right now?

5. Write/edit/draw something

Also a thing I am always doing, or trying to do, or hoping that I will soon be trying to do (seriously though, those cat videos, oh my).


Gotta do all those things!

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