Happy Home Designer: Tammy's Halloween House

This time on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, I've been asked to design a beautifully spooky home for sweet yellow bear, Tammy. As many know, I love spook, so I am very excited about this one.

I've kept the garden nice and understated with some white lilies, dandelion puffs, and clovers. There are also some slightly eerie bears to build a bit of atmosphere before you enter the house itself. Across the bridge there is a dead tree and a mysterious gravestone (not pictured). Tammy's happy so far.

Inside, Tammy has provided me with a few pieces of furniture she wants me to work around in her main room. Let's give this place some character!

The lighting is all too important in a Halloween home, so I've enhanced the candelabra's effect with a fancy chandelier. We also have some nice, classic-looking furniture and a lattice wall to give the place a detailed historical feel.

Here's an overview of the room. I put a big pumpkin in the corner to watch over anyone who enters.

On to the next room, we have a small space to work with, but I think I can create a nice and homely vibe with it. I want to make the place look quite cosy and old-fashioned and fill it with trinkets so that it's less overtly Halloween-y and more gently, subtly creepy. A place filled with the secret remnants of ancient ghosts.

This is the finished second room. We have some nice character pieces - some antiques and personal items with unknown backstories. A trophy and a pile of old journals.

Tammy's very happy. She said she saw a shadow behind me just now...

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