Girls With Shaved Heads

After watching Stranger Things I keep having these little urges to shave my head again. I shaved my head the first time at age seventeen - partly for a Halloween costume, and partly as an exploration of my identity as it related to my physical appearance. It was an unpleasant experience for me, but one that was intensely valuable. It did a lot to help me accept my face and to be less critical of my hair (when it grew back), but I hated it at the time. Now though, I'd be interested to see how differently I might feel about it a second time.

I'm quite a fan of extremes sometimes. I have no serious designs on shaving my head right now because I want to see how long my hair can grow. I've never had incredibly long hair so I'm really excited by the idea of having it get to tailbone length, mid-thigh length, knee length and so on. Who knows if it will actually get to that point, but I think it would be so cool. In hot summer weather though, that shaved head is enticing.

I guess this is a one-day-maybe potential goal. My hair is down to around the bottom of my chest now and I'm already finding weird and gross little hair clumps on the floor every so often and my hair gets a lot of tangles in the back (mostly about where I put my hairband), so I'm definitely feeling a little bit wistful and nostalgic about shorter hair. It also heats me up so much when it's down. It's like having a radiator on my head. That'll be great in winter. I love having long hair though, so it's staying (and growing) for now.

Anyway, girls with shaved heads are cool and I support and admire them. One day I might be one of them again.


  1. Don't shave your head! You have such beautiful hair! By the way; I find the picture of the girl scary. I hope you're not like that!

    1. I appreciate the sentiment but I think we should encourage girls to do what they want with their hair, y'know? Like I said though, I'm not planning on doing it, it's just a thing that I've been thinking about a bit. Reminiscing about. Have you seen Stranger Things? Eleven looks perhaps a bit scary here (I see more determined and angry) but she's not scary in the show!

  2. I loved Eleven in Stranger Things! Her shaved hair is soo awesome, you should do it, I think it'd look sick! xo


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