Diary: Happy Breeze

September is here and I have been writing a lot about food in my diary again. There's something on my mind (and my stomach).

It's been quite nice and calm weather, and I'm so glad to be able to wear a small cardigan without turning to ash. I've missed cardigans and jumpers so much. I'm kinda flitting about between various focal points like an indecisive butterfly, but it's nice to be that way sometimes. Do a little drawing here, a little tidying there, etc. It's good. I'm feeling sleepy and creative and ready for autumn.


  1. these journals are real cute, sounds like its been a chill, creative, sweet, tasty, calming few days! its really motivating actually - I'm feeling the complete opposite which kinda sucks ngl but seeing these makes me feel like it can get better, lol x

    1. Aw yeah, it waxes and wanes a lot. Ah, the fluidity of inspiration and creation! ;-)


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