Diary: Chickens

So the main thing that happened this week was that Elliot got chickens. Four little bantams. I haven't seen them yet since they were picked up right after I left, but I have listened to them making their lovely chicken noises on the phone. If you've never had a phone call with some chickens, I highly recommend it.

We also made some super tasty miso ramen with shiitake mushrooms. I seriously love miso soup, so I was very happy with this (and very happy with the accompanying hazelnut liqueur, too). Another thing I'm happy about is that I got to wear a cardigan for the first time in months. A very small cardigan, but nevertheless a cardigan.

I started playing Stardew Valley this week (digital chickens prompted by the real chickens) and I love this game even more than I expected to. Give me the digital chickens.

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