Bunnies (& Frasier)

Here are some rabbits. I will never get tired of drawing their big, wobbly, floppy ears. The ears are a metaphor for the endlessness of time and space, the vastness of consciousness. Also, they just look very cute and squishy and that is something I enjoy. When I drew the above bunny I imagined a version of Frasier in which  every character is a bunny. Hopefully NBC will come across this post somehow and decide that they need to make that happen. Until then I will just use my imagination to replace everyone with bunnies in my mind when I watch Frasier episodes.


  1. I have a dog called Bunny, he has long ears too, which I like to twirl.

    I really like your drawings


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.