Animal Crossing Journal #28: Fireworks & Fossils

Welcome back to the beautiful, floral (and currently festooned with cicadas) town of Boy.

It might have been a while, but I'm here now.

I'm pleasantly surprised that no-one has moved away, but there is a new build near the middle of town. It seems we'll soon have a mysterious new villager by the name of Punchy. For his benefit, I decided to do some gardening and spruce up the flowers near his house.

Here is the result. Nice and neat.

I also have a substantial collection of fossils at the moment, some of which I am getting Cyrus to convert into figurines. I am ready to fill my house with tiny dinosaurs.

I visited Kitty's house and it's one of my favourites. She has some lovely furniture combinations going on.

She doesn't mind me taking a nap in her bed. Very hospitable.

It appears I'd gotten back in town just in time to catch the last in a series of nightly fireworks displays. I thought I'd sit and watch from the town hall for a bit. It's still magical here. I hope our new villager agrees.

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