Stars In Your Hair: Zaful Haul

I was sent some cool clothing and accessories to review by Zaful, so here are my thoughts on the fun collection of items I received.

My favourite item was this top with a delicate little turtleneck. I was really impressed by the quality and fit of this item. It's super soft and flattering, and I can pair this with just about anything. I find it quite difficult to find tops that fit just right, so it was a pleasant surprise to find this one fit and felt so perfect.

I also got this cute red maxi dress, and unfortunately this item represents the hit and miss quality all too present with online retailers like Zaful. I can't speak to the site's overall quality considering I have one questionable garment and one really high quality garment, but the uncomfortable synthetic material combined with the weird cut and stitching on this dress are disappointing. It doesn't look too bad, but it doesn't feel too comfortable to wear.

I think one area Zaful shines has got to be its accessories. There are some really cute, quirky, and strange things to be found on the site (like this bizarre and beautiful crocodile and pearl jewellery set). I was sent a set of rings, two pairs of sunglasses (here and here), a shell wrap necklace, and my personal favourite: a stars and moon hair clip and slide set. The idea of wearing stars in my hair is the best thing, and they look so understated and pretty.

The rings are also really fun because they're so stackable. I really enjoy making ring combinations, and they all go nicely together.

The sunglasses are quite fashion-focused but not too ostentatious I think, although they do look quite large on my small head, but I guess that can't be helped. I really like the red lenses and the cat eye look.

Overall I think Zaful has a pleasantly eclectic catalogue of items and it feels like it has a unique and fun quality to it. I'd be really interested to see how their other tops compare to each other in terms of quality and fit.

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