Prisoner: Cell Block H

I can't stop watching 1970s/80s Australian prison drama Prisoner. It has so many wonderful characters and dramatic moments and interesting clothing choices. There are 692 episodes and I'm going to watch them all. It runs all the way from 1979 to 1986 so I'm really interested to see how some of the more prominent characters across the series change in appearance, style, and y'know, all the stuff that happens to them.

I really like Karen (above), who currently seems positioned as a sort of protagonist (the show focuses on her story the most initially). She's very sweet and clever, but also gets all tough and angsty, and wears cool turtlenecks all the time. She's great.

I also love sympathetic, smiley-but-stern governor Erica Davidson, who runs Wentworth with measured compassion and competence. Doctor Greg Miller is alright too (if only for his gentle eye-rolling directed at over-the-top prisoners).

My favourite character style-wise is social worker Jean Vernon, who wears the best maxi dresses and pussy bow blouses ever. And she's probably one of the funniest and nicest characters in the show too.

Here's Karen again, looking forlorn. She's so cute.

Another favourite character is Meg Jackson, but I've only taken a screenshot of the back of her head so far. She's portrayed by Elspeth Ballantyne, who has the coolest name of all time.

I love scenes of Greg and Karen together and I was kinda delighted to discover that they were married in real life. Like, actually, for real. I love them.

Look at how cute Karen is. So cute.

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