Pens & Cats

Here is a bunch of stuff from my journal which you can psychoanalyse to discover the terrifying truth about the inner workings of my mind. The inner workings of my mind seem to contain a lot of cats.

I keep focusing on this set of big, chunky felt tips I have at the moment. I have half a mind to work in all black once my felt tips run out. Still, that won't be for a long time yet.

I'm trying to decide which felt tips I like best, and it's hard because each different type has qualities I like the most. The Paperchase scented felt tips have a satisfying line thickness and an interestingly muted colour palette. The Crayola Supertips have a really easy to control tapering that lets you draw thick and thin, and I like the shape and size of them. The Berol Brush pens are satisfying to hold and smooth to draw with. All of them are the most appropriate at different times.

I guess I shouldn't take it too seriously though. I'll just do what I did when I was younger and have a pencil case of mismatched and diverse pens. I don't want to be too particular about my materials. Besides, using different things encourages experimentation. I shouldn't think about it too much.

After all, any pen can draw a cat, right?

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  1. Very nice pictures, but your cats seem to be sad. xoxo


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