Happy Home Designer: Scoot's Island Poolhouse

This is Scoot. He asked me to get him a house with a pool so he can work on his water polo skills. I took him to a beautiful, sunny peninsula so he can also use the sea as his own personal garden pool. True luxury.

Here he is surveying his indoor pool.

After decorating for a while, we decided to take a nap on Scoot's newly installed pool chairs. We're close friends by now. I mean, I don't nap in all my clients' houses (okay, I do).

Scoot seems to have developed something of a strained relationship with the paddling pool duck here. I hope they can learn to get along.

Seems one nap wasn't enough for him.

So we're all done and I think he's pretty pleased. We got some home comforts, we got a refreshing coconut drink by the pool, we got a seagull hanging from the ceiling. All good things.

The garden also has a nice little stump for sitting on and contemplating life.

Another house done and another duck pleased!

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