Happy Home Designer: Decorating Dizzy's House

After completing all the high street/town fixtures, I have returned to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer to have some fun and mess around with another resident's new house. This is Dizzy the elephant, and he wants a fun-filled house of toys. Naturally, I gave him a decorative duck.

My boyfriend's mum actually has a selection of decorative ducks in her house and it's kinda great. If you're going to decorate, why not do it with ducks? I'm just waiting for Ikea to release a duck range very soon. Fingers crossed.

Dizzy demanded that I put a sandcastle outside his house, which is fine, but y'know, it's raining. I'm not sure he's thought this one through, but I suppose we all have to make mistakes.

Inside, I decided to decorate his home along a bit of a green theme. The green furniture set remains one of my favourites because it is nice and simple but has so much personality. I gave him some fun and wacky wallpaper and carpeting too because that seemed to make sense.

He seems pretty happy with it. I know I'd be happy with a teddy bear and a decorative duck. Those two things are really all you need in life.

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