Diary: Witches & Mystery Packages

This week was another week full of heat and sunshine, which meant a considerable amount of ice cream was needed (for health reasons). I've been feeling pretty good this week in general and super motivated to draw some things and write some things, so I'm very happy about that, despite the endless sweaty sheen on my forehead.

I've been reading The Penguin Book of Witches, which is a fun book detailing lots of witch trials from the 1600s. It's very weird and very fascinating. I'm really interested in medieval (and post-medieval) belief in magic and how that relates to religious belief at the time. Lots of stuff about the devil.

I also had an incredible tiramisu, which was definitely magic.

I've been putting together some mystery packages and sending a few out, so that's been a really nice thing. I love making packages and decorating them.

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