Diary: Trees, Spooky Things, & Impressive Toilets

This week has been a nice one. The weather has gone back to a non-brain-melting level, and I've been reading a book about making stuff from an ash tree (The Man who Made Things out of Trees by Robert Penn) as if I'm in a reading race. It's a good book about trees, and I'd like to read a lot more books about trees and become a wood turner or a fletcher or something. My last name is Ashton after all, which Penn says means "farmstead by the ash trees" - present in place names up and down the country.

Moving on from trees, another strong interest this week has been spooky Netflix series Stranger Things. Yes, it's the TV show everyone won't shut up about at the moment, and for once I am hooked on a show that other people are super interested in at the same time. Also I really like Winona Ryder a lot. I mean, my other current TV show love, Prisoner: Cell Block H, is a really popular show, but not so much in 2016 with people my age. It's nice to enjoy something with a swarm of other people sometimes and I don't often get the chance. Mind you, I love the stuff I don't get to talk to other people about much too.

There's nothing like finding a good book and a good show to make me feel excited to create and discuss and do. It looks like my main interests are spooky things and trees, which reminds me, I also went to a restaurant this week that had an incredible Twin Peaks downstairs and bathroom. The food was good too. It's Red's True Barbecue in Shoreditch. I've been to a few barbecue restaurants in London and Red's has been some of the best flavoured stuff so far. Seriously though, I got really excited about the toilets. Here's an embarrassing picture from my phone:

Good toilets. A+


  1. Nice picture of you! I like your outfit! It looks very comfortable. This time I see you from another'perspective'.

    1. Yes, it was very comfortable. Practically pyjamas!


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