Diary: Fried Brain & Books

I spent this week watching a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos. My brain has been a bit fried, so it's the easiest thing to do and I can watch them whilst doing other little things, which is nice. I'm really looking forward to when the weather starts to cool down. The heat across the past month or so has made me feel so sluggish, and I'm really missing my big jumpers and cardigans now. Bring on Autumn!

Since over half of 2016 has been and gone, I've been thinking about my reading progress throughout the year so far, and I'm very happy with my current count of forty two books read. I'd like to aim for a hundred books in total by the new year, but that's very ambitious. I'd have to read three books a week from now on. That's a lot. Still, it's just an idle thought. I'm not going to force myself to read more than I can actually enjoy.

I feel so sleepy at the moment. I want to go to a party and sleep at the same time. Combine those two things for me and I will be very happy.

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