Are you in the market for a personal blog post? One which references emotions and thoughts? "Ew, gross!" I hear you cry. Hold on to your feelings hat (it's just a hat that says "feelings" on it that I wear whenever I am having a feeling, sorry - I thought everyone had one).

I've titled this post "death" mostly just to be dramatic, but y'know, okay, yes, I think about death and dying a lot. Not in a miserable way, but in a sort of trance-like fascination. When I was growing up I wasn't scared of dying. Not at all. I thought it almost sounded quite cool, actually. I mean, I didn't want to die. I wasn't excited to die, but I just thought of it as a kind of cool inevitability. I also was quite matter of fact about death, which I definitely attribute in part to the death of my dad when I was four. I think being exposed to a close bereavement at a young age allowed me to feel somewhat accustomed to death. I remember being upset, but very quickly accepting it.

I guess we all have very personal relationships with death, and different perceptions of it. I think I'm a lot more afraid of it now, but I also find the inevitability of it comforting in a similar way to how I find the vastness of space comforting. I love being a tiny, irrelevant speck in the universe. I love that nothing matters and everything will ultimately cease to exist in some way. I love impermanence.

I also love cool grim reapers (like George from Dead Like Me, pictured above). I mean, I don't know, I could be a grim reaper. I actually really wanted to be a gravedigger for a while, but I'm not a huge fan of digging so it's probably not the best career move for me. If anyone has any grim reaper networking opportunities please let me know.

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