5 Favourite Videos: Minimalism

One thing I find really comforting and relaxing as well as super inspiring and often informative is watching decluttering and minimalism videos on YouTube. Whether it's watching someone clean up their room or organise their drawers, or watching someone talk about how they decided to sell their wedding wing and replace it with a $1 version, I love this subject as a whole.

Life is endlessly weird and I feel personally that a lot of stability can come from giving lots of thought attention to questions about self-identity and the way I exist on a mental or physical level level with everything around me. Since objects and space are often somewhat controllable compared to my actual self, I find it so calming and enjoyable to do things like organising and decluttering and I also love to think about it and watch other people do it and talk about it.

I also feel like minimalism and certain ideas or aesthetics within minimalism can appear quite alienating, so I thought it be useful to compile some of my favourite videos about minimalism or minimalist concepts that I think are accessible and fun.

1. Declutter Your Life: Less Stuff, Less Stress! Part 1 - Christine Kobzeff

This is a simple video of a woman cleaning up her room and talking about it. There are several subsequent parts in which she declutters and rearranges pretty much her whole house. It's really interesting seeing how her reasoning changes a bit as she goes along, and really satisfying seeing the results.


A nice talk about how we use items and purchases as measures of success/love/happiness and the possibility for sentimentality in cheap gifts.

3. My journey to Minimalism - Part 1 - Average Jane

Sock drawer organisation. My favourite.

4. Minimalism: What I Stopped Buying! - Sarah Nourse

I find it so interesting what people realise they don't need to have in their lives at all after reassessing what they buy and why, so this is a really nice, succinct video about all the things one person decided she no longer needed or wanted.

5. Minimalism Challenge Day 1: Purse | #5DaystoMinimalism - Lavendaire

Lavendaire has been doing a series of mini decluttering challenges which are very simple and fun to watch.

I'd also like to give an honourable mention to this '5 Days of Minimalism' Refinery29 video which comes from a series of videos about week-long lifestyle challenges. I'm so relaxed and ready to perfect the alignment of my teddy bears.

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