The Humour Of Final Fantasy VIII

I take my Final Fantasy games pretty seriously and develop a lot of feelings about them and all of that stuff, but a huge reason I find them so replayable and delightful is the humour peppered throughout each game. I've been replaying Final Fantasy VIII for the millionth time and taking screenshots of some of its silliest moments, many of which are little things I'd forgotten about.

Please enjoy some of my favourites.

1. Laguna's "manly charm".

Laguna's storyline and flashbacks are super silly in general, since Laguna himself is a bit of a fumbling, awkward mess. I mean that as lovingly as possible, because he's a very sweet mess, but you know what I'm talking about. This line gets me every time, though.

2. ;-)

Squall is canonically a hunk. That's hilarious,

3. Ughh.

This drunk guy slumped in the alleyway behind the pub in Timber is me after two gin and tonics. It's such a perfect semantic representation of intoxication.

4. Laguna being reckless with everyone's safety.

It's Laguna again, and this time he's detonating whatever he wants and pushing boulders around. This is his response to having his bumbling incompetence questioned. Glorious.

5. Pot, meet kettle.

Here we see Zell dissing an actual minotaur who is a little too rambunctious without any sense of irony. Enjoyable.


I'll leave it there (I gotta make a run for the hot dog queue).

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