Sunlight Scans

My scans are usually very shadowy because I don't tend to make them in the daylight hours. Not for any reason, it's just coincidental. This time, though, I made them in the middle of a very sunny day, and all the surrounding sunlight brightens them up and gives them a slightly different feel. A little bit of freshness and airiness in the light.

I wish I could take my scanner outside and scan myself properly in the sun with some grass and twigs and daisies. That'd be much brighter, most likely, and probably really fun, but it'd be a bit of a logistical challenge. It'd be possible with about three extension cords, but also my neighbours would probably develop some new and not entirely favourable opinions about me.

If you ever see anyone outside holding their face against a machine, don't be alarmed. They're probably doing something fun and totally not weird.

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  1. Awesome works :) I used to do that with my fingers, but in enlargement.


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