My Favourite Words

Words and sounds can be very pleasing and nice, so I've gathered some English favourites to discuss here. Please enjoy the words.


This currently has the top spot and I think that's in part due to its sense of mystery and secrecy. I prefer when it's used in a tender but not sordid or unethical sense. I like clandestine with a wide-eyed innocence to it.


When I picture this word I picture a tassel for some reason, but actually a tippet is a sort of dangly scarf for clergymen. It just sounds cute. A bit like thimble.


This was my ultimate favourite word for a long time, and I can remember the moment I learned it in science class. A meniscus is the curve of a liquid where it meets its container, and it sure is fun to say. Muh-niss-cuss.


This is such a pleasant word and it makes me think of rich food and pleasingly round desserts. Plump is a sort of positive fat word that celebrates the roundness and fullness of things. What's plump must be a delight.


This is a great word for a person pondering or sorting or inspecting or otherwise looking. Sift, sift, sift. It's gently onomatopoeic, calling up the rustle of shuffled papers, and it's also another food word.


These are my current favourites, but there are so many words out there that there does tend to be a bit of cyclical (that's a good word too) perpetual shuffling of my favourite words. They're all perfectly cromulent though.

Other quite nice words: crust, forlorn, quandary, settle.

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