Misery, Dogs, & Squash

I'm having some kind of moment here and I thought, "you know what, let's just write about it and talk about it and just throw it onto my blog like a frisbee of suffering, shall we? Let's just do it. If I wanted to write a blog post about Mr Blobby or different types of paintbrush I would (note to self: save those cool ideas for later!) so why not write about this thing, right?"

I keep having this sense that everything's wrong. Everything around me seems to at least be tainted with something sinister or unpleasant. People around me are full of complaints and sorrows and arguments and bad jokes and body fluids. I walk down the street and someone spits. I talk to friends and conversations end up in circular sad places. I have bad dreams all the time and I don't know why.

I remembered high school when I was thinking yesterday, and I remembered the atmosphere of exhaustion and disloyalty and apathy around everyone. I remembered the way everyone used to talk about everyone else. Everyone was sad. Everyone seemed to dislike everyone else. I haven't had any relationships like that since then, but I notice all around me that other adults still do this. I see a pattern of so many fully grown human beings keeping 'friends' around just to complain about them. What's the point?

I hear people arguing and I just think, again, what's the point? I see people holding onto packaging and heaps of objects they will never use. Why? I read books and watch films involving so many different versions of the same story. Someone suffers. Someone makes mistakes that make them suffer more, or make other people suffer. Someone acts with malice. Someone hurts themself, in some kind of way, over and over. We even put this fatalistic misery in our entertainment. It seems like it's lodged in us like a big bit of self-sabotage shrapnel.

And I hate it.

Can everyone cheer up, get rid of their rubbish friends, stop farting and spitting, and send me a bouquet of flowers, please? Thanks.

I hope you appreciate the way I've illustrated this blog post with drawings of dogs as a representation of how you can express yourself in a way that's positive and nice and not hideously draining for everyone around you. Also sorry if this blog post has actually just added to the thing I'm trying to squash here. Also, I like the word 'squash' - it's nice isn't it? Squash.


  1. Ha! I definitely appreciate the illustrations. 😁 I get how yr feeling I think. Every so often I get bogged down with this overwhelming feeling of malice or just ill will present in humanity (I fear many of the farts may be coming from my direction, ahem) but The weight of that feeling is unbearable. I generally just have to radiate pleasantness from my own self to feel alright.

    I don't know if the farting or spitting will ever stop, but I think if we as individuals act with kindness and positivity and have general good will toward people it really does make a difference in how you start seeing the world and maybe how people treat you.

    I dunno. But I hope you have a great week and that people show you a better side of themselves πŸ‘πŸΎ

    1. Yeah I feel you. Radiating pleasantness definitely can be a big help. Sometimes you just need to be that force for yourself and your surroundings. Gotta try and wear rose tinted glasses for a little while sometimes! Thanks for the kind words, I hope your week treats you well too. :-)


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