Diary: The Sun & Photo Booths

Item number one this week concerns our dear illuminating star. Seriously, sun, you need to back off right now. I am not equipped to deal with this nonsense. As a result of the overbearing force of heat pushing me down into the ice lolly freezers of all local supermarkets, I have been feeling 'odd'.

Item number two concerns my near-constant viewing of 1979 Australian prison show, Prisoner. I love this show a lot. As a result of watching it for over forty episodes so far, I am now feeling incredibly nostalgic about rotary phones (I just about remember having a grey one in the 90s). Send me a rotary phone with a little slot for a sim card and I'll seriously consider using that instead of a smartphone for the rest of my life, because I really like rotary phones.

Item number three concerns all of these photo booth pictures from some different parts of my life. I feel so weird looking at these. None of them feel like or look like me, except that they are and were me. It's confusing. The one of me aged four is the best.

Also, check out the picture of my cats, back when they were little (and alive) in the mid 90s. So cute. I wish I could reach inside the photo and hug them.

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