Diary: Gunblades & Apple Juice

This week I bought some apple juice and played Final Fantasy VIII a lot. I forgot how much I love apple juice (it's a lot). It's the best juice. I also started up a Patreon, which I will be posting exclusive little things to on a regular basis. Just some fun drawings that I don't put anywhere else.

I must've played Final Fantasy VIII around fifteen times most of the way through at least, but I never get tired of it. I could pretty much replay it again and again for the rest my life and feel fulfilled and happy about it. Just give me some apple juice and some Final Fantasy and I'm happy.

It feels nice to take it easy and drink some juice and play games. I haven't been reading quite as much as usual lately, so I'm gonna start dedicating some time in the day to reading. Half an hour before I go to sleep is a time I really like to read, because it puts me in the right mindset to go to sleep afterwards. I also like reading for a while right after I wake up, but often I'm too interested in doing other things then instead. Either way, I gotta read!

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