Diary: Books & Fantasies

This week has included such wonders as: getting some film developed, ruthlessly destroying cacti in Final Fantasy VIII for an extended period of time, making a beautiful and good salad and having some other nice foods, almost falling asleep in front of The X-Files, and having some emotional fiction-reading moments. Pretty good.

One notable thing I haven't mentioned in my diary, but that I am thinking about whilst writing this post, is a current hairband issue I'm having. I have enough hair now that it can be quite challenging to figure out a ponytail or bun configuration that isn't bordering on painful. Getting a comfortable hairband situation seems to only happen by accident. I'm miffed, but it's okay. My solution is a nice, loose, non-strenuous plait. Plaits are good. Every so often I somehow forget they exist. They're the best.

I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy VIII again, and it's keeping me in this lovely, calm, happy place. Except when I get demoted for playing cards too much instead of killing monsters. It was worth it though, because for the first time in my life I actually bothered to obtain every single Triple Triad card! I'm so accomplished.

Next week I hope to read a million more books. I just started Grayson Perry's Playing to the Gallery and it's the perfect light-hearted bit of fun after a few somewhat tense and dense picks. Timing and mood and variety are definitely super important when it comes to motivating yourself to read. I have a good routine for keeping myself feeling enthused and fresh when reading, and I always try to let myself drop a book as soon as my interest wanes unless there is something particularly compelling about a book I'm otherwise feeling iffy about.

In summary: books. Yep.


  1. I also revert to the non-strenuous plait as an alternative to sore-head hairstyles. They are good and comfy.

  2. Your notebooks are the cutest!


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