Animal Crossing Journal #27: Cats & Houses

Welcome back to the town of Boy, and as you can see, I have been collecting some gyroids. I have learnt that there are a lot of them, and most of them are quite spooky. I love them.

Here's me exploring in a nice dream. I didn't record the details, but it was so exquisitely and densely decorated. Very pretty and serene.

Here's me hanging out with Molly at home, not long after K.K. Slider gave me a lovely framed photograph of himself. It's so beautiful. He's so beautiful. Thanks K.K.

In villager news, we have our very first cat villager newly moved in. This is her house, which I have been lurking outside. Her name is Kitty.

She's nice.

In other news, I've made sure that all my other human residents are working on their houses and things. There have been some new haircuts and everyone's been reminded to do their best in regards to paying off their home loans. I'm determined to get these houses fully extended and decorated nicely. Berry here has started to even out her decor and make it a little bit more classic and sophisticated, but still very cute and fun and vibrant.

It's nice for everyone to be out and about fostering a community.

Toto has also been doing his bit, as his hotel isn't very hotel-like yet. It's a bit of a shambles. But we'll get there, and then it will be the perfect place to visit.

To sign off, here's me yawning at my desk. It's hard work being the mayor.


  1. This makes me regret selling my DS and Animal Crossing game so much :( !!


    1. Aww I'm sorry! Maybe you can live vicariously through other people? Or you could always get it again!


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