50 Ridiculous & Excellent Blog Post Ideas

I've seen many a "blog post ideas" blog post in my time, and I've even written my own one before (as well as a "creative ideas" post), but there's always room for more, because listing ideas tends to make more ideas appear too (in an endless loop of ideas). Please do some of these. Please do them.

  1. What's your favourite body part?
  2. Write/draw journal entries every hour for a day
  3. Make fun of a family member
  4. Limericks about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson or your favourite public figure
  5. How do you feel about skeletons/other spooky entities?
  6. Tips for coping with life
  7. A strange memory or dream
  8. What's your favourite number?
  9. Childhood stories
  10. Stream of consciousness
  11. Short stories or poems
  12. Redraw a frame from a TV show
  13. Esoteric thoughts about life and existence (this is my favourite kind of blog post)
  14. Your best Sonic the Hedgehog fanart
  15. A list of your favourite colours
  16. Cool paintings
  17. Your weird theory for the movie "Die Hard"
  18. A book you read recently
  19. Book you want to read
  20. Why? Just in general, why?
  21. Talk about a random object
  22. Your goals
  23. Favourite songs
  24. Opinions on Roy Orbison
  25. Which flower is the best?
  26. Your shopping list
  27. Describe what you would do in the event of an apocalypse
  28. Desert Island Discs
  29. Talk about your favourite person
  30. Scribble on a piece of paper and then analyse your scribble
  31. Make up some horoscopes
  32. Learn a new word and make a post about it
  33. Try a recipe
  34. Post about a weird object you own
  35. Document your dreams
  36. Collect some twigs and feathers
  37. Type your blog post with your eyes closed
  38. Tell a secret
  39. Tell a lie
  40. Write bad poems about skeletons
  41. Write some stuff in your handwriting
  42. Talk about your favourite planet
  43. Write open letters to people/celebrities/dogs
  44. Write an experimental piece of short fiction in which you get a piggyback from Tom Hanks
  45. Pick out some cool clothing items and wear them (alternatively, put them on a dog)
  46. A list of songs you hate
  47. A manifesto
  48. Traits you want to achieve or improve
  49. Dissect a part of your personality or something you remember
  50. Draw yourself/your outfit

Phew! That's all of them. Now get the heck outta here and blog! I'm taking a nap.


  1. These are really good ideas! I will be saving this post for the future! :)


    1. Thank you! Hope they come in handy! :-)

  2. Just saved this to my reading list for future reference. So inspiring! Thanks, Lil!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.