Top 5 Pompompurin Items: A Happy Dog Wishlist

After my recent Gudetama wishlist, I thought I'd make another one for my favourite Sanrio character - Pompompurin. He is a cute little dog who seems to be a fan of hot beverages and pancakes. Me too, dear, sweet dog, me too.

Here are some of my favourite Pompompurin items.

1. Purin Flat Canvas Pouch: Sketch

This a super simple and nice little pouch. I like that our dear dog friend here has his initial written in his drink. A good idea.

2. Purin 12oz Ceramic Soup Mug: Brioche

Who doesn't need a cute soup mug? I'm a fan of wide mugs in general because I think they're kinda pleasing to hold, but there's something very cosy about drinking soup from a mug like this. The design is very sweet and I would love to see Pompompurin's various bread forms as I have my soup.

3. Purin Mini Sculpted Tote Bag: Hotcakes

This is a super tiny tote bag and I just think it's the cutest thing for quick errands or summer days out when you don't want to take much with you, but you do want to be accompanied by an adorable dog and his friends.

4. Purin Keyring: Five's a Charm

This is the cutest thing! Look, he's eating a baguette! Everyone has food (or a kettle - close enough)! I love it so much.

5. Purin Terrycloth Pouch: Chill Collection

A small bag which is also a dog? Yes. Store things in your tiny dog. A strong and good idea.


I hope you enjoyed looking at all these cute dog merchandise options. May you have many delicious breakfasts and hot drinks with your initials in them. Like Pompompurin, you deserve it.


  1. These items are so cute!! I love 'Let's have a bite and then a break'. It's the story of my love, although I wished I was disciplined, structured and focused, like my mother, the girlfriend of my brother and my best friend.

    1. Keep on truckin'! (I love that phrase, heh heh)


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