Top 5 Gudetama Items: A Very Eggy Wishlist

I am a huge fan of this beautiful, troubled young egg, so I thought I would compile a wishlist of Gudetama goodies, taken directly from Sanrio's official shop. Gudetama is not quite my favourite Sanrio character (I think that title would go to Pompompurin - he is a DOG wearing a BERET!), but he is a very special egg and I love him very much.

Please look at all these incredible egg products.

1. Gudetama 6" Plush: Ukulele

I don't know how an egg can play a ukulele but I guess this is the Gudetama Dodie Clark, and I fully support that concept. I wouldn't be surprised if an egg had managed to successfully play chords better than me, after all.

2. Gudetama 2-Color Mini Pen: Thanks!

I'm not sure what's going on here. Gudetama seems to have ascended from a shell. Has he learned to fly? Gudetama truly outshines us all. I feel like writing scathing complaint letters with this pen would enhance the experience somehow.

3. Gudetama Screen Cleaner: Meh-ringue

First of all, "meh-ringue" is the greatest pun, and second of all: look at him, he's a meringue. I'm having an emotional response to this. Screen cleaner? More like eye cleaner, because I am weeping.

4. Gudetama Sticky Notes: Beige

I like cute sticky notes a lot, so of course I had to include some here. I like the beige tones, and the two different shapes provided. I would probably use these to write caring notes for Gudetama to show my support (and some eggy recipes, probably).

5. Gudetama Plush Coin Purse: Bee

Gudetama as a bee? This is astonishing. The cutest egg/insect combo I've ever seen. This is a strong favourite since I like both eggs and bees, so it covers all my top interests. I mean, if you wouldn't entrust your coins to a delightful egg/bee hybrid thing, then something's gone wrong for you, I think.


I hope you have enjoyed looking at these lovely Gudetama things. I sure have. You might need to lie down for a moment to recover from this. That's normal. Have a little rest until you've recovered.


  1. I'm obsessed with Gudetama. I feel like he's my spirit animal haha!
    These items are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.