Tidying My Bookshelf

There's an odd mood-enhancing magic to tidying up your stuff, and if you're anything like me you love the satisfaction of a good before and after picture, so please enjoy the evidence of my tidying below.

Ah, so refreshing.

Since my bookshelf is somewhat overflowing with books at the moment, and I've recently acquired a few more Sylvanian Families (the bunny families has been extended), along with a slow shuffling of spaces for notebooks and pens, it's about time I cleaned the place up a bit.

I've been trying to put more of my stuff out in the open lately so that I'm reminded to use things instead of forgetting them in drawers approximately five seconds after I've said to myself "huh, I should use this!" This generally works pretty well for me, but it does lend itself to an eventual clumping of objects into Official Clutter™. So I have to keep on top of it and push things into neater arrangements every so often. Y'know, so things aren't hidden, but they're less... everywhere.

Thankfully, all my books could be pushed together more so that they're not all over the bookcase and on top of it, and other things were able to be pushed around so that now it feels a bit more spacious and together.

And Totoro is more comfortable and sitting upright now, which is the most important thing.


  1. Omg you got cute stuff toy! Cuteeee :D


  2. I recently cleaned my bookshelve too and I bought stuffed animals as a way to make bookends because the ones on amazon were creazy expensive. It's a cute and cheap way to decorate bookshelves. I really like your book shelves and the way you write btw.
    Ayele from- https://asenseofhomeblog.blogspot.com/

    1. That's a pretty good idea. I only have one bookend and it's just a metal wire type of thing, but anything sturdy enough to hold will work well enough. Thank you very much! :-) x


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