Red Hearts & Nervous Bunnies

Here are some cute paintings featuring many, many love hearts. Obviously all of my little characters are in some kind of love trance at all times. Or maybe they have all just eaten exceptionally good cakes. I don't know. I don't like to pry too much into their lives.

I love this red paint because it's so bright and solid. My paints seem to vary a bit in their opacity and layerability, so I like how the red feels like an independent colour who knows what it's doing and can support itself. Then again, I also love the shimmery pink. I'm not sure how well you can tell in scans, but it's very shiny in person.

I feel like a lot of bunnies look like they're unsure of themselves and I think it's so interesting how I get that impression from a really minimal expression. So many slightly nervous bunnies.

I also like to give them really blank expressions though, and I guess that's because you can infer so much from very little and in that way their blankness somehow makes them more expressive.

They could have almost any feelings or thoughts, but then when they're surrounded by fogs of hearts I guess that points in one direction. I kinda think of the hearts as characters too.

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