Red Hair

I did it. I dyed my hair red. Well, this was about a week and a half ago, so it's already pretty faded by now, but still, it's red. I may have also dyed a humiliating amount of my forehead pink, as well as all my fingernails, but let's just ignore that.

I used to dye my hair pink all the time and I loved how vibrant it was and I felt like pink suited me a lot, but I stopped doing it mostly because I really don't like the process of dying it and desperately hoping I'm not going to get dye everywhere. It feels so messy and grubby, and I have never been able to successfully avoid dying some of my skin. I guess after watching a blue-haired friend re-dye her hair recently I got the hair dye nostalgia in me and had to do it, but the process definitely reminded me why I decided to stop. Besides the fact that I ultimately think my natural hair colour is the best. It's just nice to have a change.

This was actually three dyes mixed together, so it has a nice variation of tone, which I like. The bulk was Manic Panic Red Passion, with a bit of Crazy Colour Fire and Vermillion Red thrown in. I think the pink tones have a softness to them somehow, whereas the red and orange tones look a bit harsher on me, but hopefully they make a nice combo here.


  1. The Surgeon General has determined that any product called Manic Panic Red Passion must surely be hazardous to your health.

  2. Lil it looks so cooool!!

    1. Thank you! It's half faded out by now, hahaha!


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