Meadow Journal

I'm very pleased to be starting another brand new journal. This one is an A4 school sketchbook type, and I love working in these because I get so nostalgic for school exercise books and they're so nice and flexible. I love decorating the covers on books like these.

Drawing on inside covers makes me feel like a little kid with a plan, too. Packing for a quest.

I have a feeling this journal might end up being a really cutesy one, but I guess I won't really know until the end. Maybe I'll decide to do endless collages of Slipknot halfway through, who knows? I can never really tell. I guess I just felt really peppy when I started this one.

It's funny, feeling peppy is one of the greatest moods for journaling. Also I think peppy sounds like a pretend word. It doesn't sound real at all.

I feel like I might want to draw lots of pleasant meadow backgrounds in this journal. Lots of meadows and wild thickets and grass and buttercups. Sounds like a plan.


  1. I love when I learn new words in English! like Peppy, Also this looks so cute!

    Love, From Colombia!

    1. Did it give you some PEP to learn the word PEPPY? :-)

  2. When I was in love with this Brazilian guy I bought an very pretty A4 journal from Germany, called Taurus Journals (100% recycled), to note my thoughts. A nice journal inspires me.


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