Journal: Scribbles & Suns

Here are some scribbly journal pages I did recently. These feel like some of the greatest representations of my journal ever, because there's a pureness to the scribbling. This is me at my most me, possibly. I'm a big scribble with a name.

I always worry a little bit about how stuff will bleed through to the next or previous page, but really I think it just adds a textural depth and character, because the pages have a relationship with each other. The back of a page is important. It's the sense of each page as part of a series and overall journal, and that comes through in a particular way with the bleeding ink. It's kinda like how skin is only one layer on the body, when as a whole the way we look depends on every part together to make the shape and texture.

Scribbles are a metaphor for everything and that's part of why I love them in all their chaos. Moons and suns and scribbles.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.